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Bob Penoyer
Robert C. Penoyer, MWGP

Grand Chapter Rehearsal Changes.....

Outgoing and Incoming Deputy Grand Matrons and Men’s Seminar….
1. Rehearsal for all Incoming and Outgoing DGM’s to be Sunday at 11:30 or soon as the Eagle Club meeting is over on the Grand Chapter floor.

2. DGM luncheons to start at 1:00

3. SOI for Incoming DGM and the Men’s Seminar to start at 2:00 at the York Masonic Center.

Barbara E. Adams Ritualistic Excellence Award Program (2015-2016)

Educational Scholarship and ESTARL Awards

First Responders Info to come

Regenerative Medicine

For Pennsylvania Members: Call-em_all

For Pennsylvania information contact the Pennsylvania Grand Chapter Office


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Sites that deserve your attention and support. 

The following sites support research.  If you to decide contribute to one, please notify the Grand Chapter Office so that we might  keep accurate records.

BrianMordenFoundation.org  - Funds Ewing's Sarcoma and childhood cancer research

UpTheVolume.org  - Funds research directed at improving the length and quality of the lives of women with gynecologic cancers

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